More to know, English version


@Meet the maker, Bureau Europa, 3 november 2018

What to think, say or feel

The images that are show’n on the screen are foto’s of paintings and three dimensional work I made or pictures from other artist that inspire me and have been important to me as an artist. The video’s in-between are all mine. I see the videos as individual works who will be in dialog in future works. 

The question about what I do as an artist is not an easy question to answer. I can tell that I make spacious work and that I use materials who include there own story. And I choose not to restrict myself using one specific medium. I could say that I make painting without wanting to be a painter. And I make video’s without being a videomaker. The form of the artwork pushes me into a rol, that changes me into a executer more than a painter or videomaker.

At this moment I don’t need a studio for the themes I am working on. Different works I often made in public space. Like the work 1001 fortune Tellers, which stands here in front of you. It was made as a research about Japanse folding tradition Origami. I started to take the paper with me where ever I went like a cafe or library and with a cup of tea I started folding. I stept outside my studio to work and it gave me a sense of medative exercise. By folding the paper over and over again I felt a almost spiritual experience or meditation. The folding made me aware of the proces I was in and gave me a new idea of creativity. I noticed that I could think much better doing something easy and beautiful at the same time. And I could accept that what I was doing was just good as an art piece. 1001 Fortune tellers is about that all. The personal experience and the superstition from the fortune teller itself.

This work is a exempel for my way of working. I use repetition like human actions or materials to complete my art work. Uniformaty as a compass. 

I try not to be seduced bij esthetics. That is why I set boundaries to my art work for the use of materials or theme approach. I use natural materials who are in hand and with a common feeling and the color palet is pure material based. If possible I like to use materials or parts of other art pieces I made. I try not to buy new. 

When I get a nervous itch I know I am on a right track. That’s when my embedded spectrum gets in the way of my artistic development. I like to think that I decide that a piece is compleet before a piece is perfectly done.  I all so have to admit that there is a compulsion in my way of working. 1001 fortune tellers are at least 1500 pieces.

At the moment I am working on a video script. This video work shows people sharing there story about some form of water falling from the sky. The setting I choose is a former hotellounge. I have collected the stories. I have found the perfect lounge and that is exactly my question mark. The lounge is too perfect. So now I am convincing myself to choose to bent my own rules or I have to chance the whole plan. 

I am also doing a ongoing research about patterns in the public space. 

As an artist I am interestend in a pure form of reality like reflected in the stories of Haruki Murakami. In his work reality is dominated bij happenings that are hard to explain using your ratio, but the way they are written down are unmistakably reality. Thats what I am after in my art work.

The other installation here is inspired by the story Orlando written by Virginia Woolf.  Dutch Wikipedia does not talk about the story but puts it under ‘Faction’- in other words: balancing between fact and fiction. The story is about a young nobleman who wakes up one morning being a woman. His acceptance of this suddenly and rigorous transformation is so natural, so whiteout questions or resistance. He accepts it as a fait accompli. Whit in this setup  I show my own proces of acceptance of impermanence.  

This setup is also the starting point of a performance I have written for a young man. And it is only for him to act. My muse I met as my barista. He makes on regular occasions my matcha tea. He is still young but very serious. And thereby is he very religious, whom I accept and embrace as part of the performance.  His religious day is Saturday so he is unable to perform on this day. I can relate to his devotion and therefor restrictions in daily life that give him some kind of freedom and/or security; a framework where in you can freely move. With this I see similarities whit my own artistic work.

The beauty of a project reveals itself most times at the end of it.  When your work is open for interpretation of others within a presentation environment. That is also a part that triggers me. To see the beauty in the end of things, the tulips who have faded, or the hogweed dried out. Organismes live, grow and bloom and than slowly die a silent death. Thats how I see my presentations, in contrast of the proces of working on a new project the presentation room is dead silent.

Than you for your attention. I hope my story will trigger some questions. 

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